How can I use a QR Code?

In the last years the presence of QR Codes surrounding us is continuously increasing.You can find them in newspapers, on product wrappings, on advertising and event posters. With the widespread adoption of smartphones they are predicted to become more and more popular, because now it’s possible to access them easily.

The advantage of these codes is to act like a gateway between the physical and the digital world. It changes printed media from a passive presentation to an interactive experience.

Using  a camera phone with a barcode scanning app everybody is able to connect to the information behind these codes. Without typing anything it’s possible to get contact information(Phone numbers, addresses, URLs,..) submitted and saved. Calender events can be added as alert messages to the organizer.
Having internet access on a smartphone it is possible to get price quotes and exclusive contents instantly. The wall of interaction has been broken, and if you want, customers can give feedback and you are able to determine the response rate of  the published code. The possibilities for interactive marketing are only limited by the storage capacities of such a code.
To give your codes a personal touch it’s possible to create custom arts or design QR Codes. These codes outstand from others by containing visible design elements such as a logo, sign or lettering to make them unique and recognizable. This is possible due to the structure of a  QR Code®. It contains a parameter called error correction level to determine, how many of the code can be physically destroyed to keep the code readable. This value can be set up to 30 percent, so there is a lot of space for “destroying” your code with design elements.
QR Code® technology is simple to use, short camera focusing on the tiny square will reveal the encoded information.
If there is no scanning software installed on your smartphone, there a a lot of free QR Code® reader available on the web.

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