How to create traceable QR Codes?

QR Codes provide quick and comfortable access to online resources.

But how to measure the success of a QR Code campaign? You have to generate a QR Code, that contains a link with tracking ability to get information about the response.

This embedded link has to be a unique entry to your site. Then you can refer to the origin of the website access. Your clients scan this code and are directed to the specified URL. This allows you to get detailed information on how your QR Code campaign appeals to your audience and helps to measure the success of your click-through campaign.

There are 2 approaches to create a traceable link:

1. Use intern redirection

Create a QR Code that contains a link to a campaign name on your website, i.e.

The campaign name redirects to a target you want, i.e.

This allows you to change the target. As many QR Codes are printed, this variability can save a lot of time and money, if there are changes afterwards.
To track the access and get helpful statistics you can use Google Analytics.

2. Use extern URL-shortener

You can use URL-shortener like or shorten this URL:

and get the shortened URL beyond:

Generate a QR Code, that contains this shortened URL.
If someone reaches your site through this URL, you can analyze the access via the built-in analytic tools the URL-shortener provides, i.e.

Additionally you can use Google Analytics so see the referrer link stats.
The approach of using URL-shortener can result in a smaller QR Code because of the short URL, that has to be encrypted. But the recipient of your QR Code would be more solicited to open the content, if his reader shows clear, to which website he will be directed.

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