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Version 2.3.6
Create QR Codes inside your composition.
Custom module sizes, colors, background blending and border size.
Save, script and reload your desired QR Code content.


Supported QR Code formats are:

  • URL (standard link and social network links as Facebook like, Twitter follow, googleplus profiles, Youtube channels)
  • Contact information (vCard 3.0 and MeCard format)
  • Calendar events
  • Paypal payment links
  • Bitcoin wallet and payment links
  • Wifi networks
  • Geo location
  • SMS, phone number and eMail address
  • Plain text



  • Add counter into action variables. Now you can embed image count into QR Codes.
  • Set foreground and background color, adjusts blending, reduces the border of the QR Code.
  • Create the QR Code on the current or on a new layer.
  • Includes action variables, especially from the EXIF header of the image. You insert them as variables into the forms and during generating they will be replaced by the content of the EXIF tag.
  • Supports loading and saving of your data into file. Plugin remembers the content of forms during a Photoshop session and you can save them for later uses.
  • Embed it into action sets to automate generation of QR Codes.
  • supports RGB, CMYK, LAB, Multichannel and Grayscale Mode with 8/16/32 bit/Channel
  • supports character encoding: UTF-8 (please wait for further releases to support ISO-8859-1 and Shift_JIS)
  • It calculates the QR Code version depending on the coding content.
  • All 4 error levels are supported. (It’s recommended to use “high quality” for custom QR Codes, that will be enhanced with logo or image.)




  • Adobe® Photoshop® CS/CS2/CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6/CC/CC2014/CC2015/CC2015.5/CC2017/CC2018/CC2019/CC2020
    Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14/15/2018/2019/2020

    Windows® PC (32/64-bit)



To install the plug-in execute the delivered installer file and follow the instructions. Please restart your host application afterwards.
Start the plug-in via the filter menu (Filters->EVEnX->QR Code Generator).



An order includes lifetime free updates for this product.

Manual is available here.
Any questions, please send eMail to support@evenx.com. All purchased products from EVEnX.com can be used in commercial as well as personal use.



The free trial version is without any functional limitations, but the string “powered by EVEnX.com” will be appended to every generated QR Code®.



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