RELEASE: De.Haze Plugin 1.0.0 for Adobe Photoshop (Windows)

De.Haze Plugin 1.0.0 for Adobe® Photoshop® has been released.

TRIAL (.zxp for Adobe Extension Manager) or TRIAL (.exe) version.

    The brand new De.Haze plugin allows you to

  • remove haze and
  • add coloring to the atmosphere
  • to create a tremendous look of your landscapes and skyline views.

    It removes the atmospheric influence, known as haze, from images to retrieve more details from objects far away.
    This is realized by calculating depth information for every pixel. Then a depth map for the entire image is created.
    This allows changing image parameters depending on the distance of the objects.

    SAMPLE: [See more samples on our product page.]
    City of Paris
    City of Paris

    An order includes lifetime-free-update support for this product.

    Screenshot of De.Haze Plugin 1.0.0 for Adobe Photoshop:
    Product image of De.Haze plugin for Adobe Photoshop

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